Trying to sell a house in today’s market can be troublesome at best, and sometimes it’s a big headache that you don’t want to deal with. There are several options when trying to sell your house: selling it yourself, selling it through a realtor, or (the fastest option available to you) selling a house for cash in Jacksonville.

Sell Cash Fast

Your circumstances, whether you are facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, having to relocate rapidly, inheriting a property, or just wanting to offload a property you no longer want to deal with, selling your house for cash could be the best option for you. The timeframe of selling a property by yourself or through a realtor can sometimes be as fast as just 3 weeks, but sometimes it can stretch out to a couple months, or even longer if your buyer backs out or fails to get approval for a loan or mortgage. But when you sell a house for cash in Jacksonville, you can cut that time down to only an average of 2 to 3 weeks, although you could get an offer in as quickly as 24 hours, and cash in hand in as soon as 3 days.

Sell a House Cash Jacksonville

Sold As-Is

One of the major slow-downs when you attempt to sell a house can be having to negotiate repairs the property needs, and then having to perform those repairs before the house changes hands to the buyer. But when you sell a house for cash in Jacksonville, you are going to be selling the house as-is; a potential buyer is the one that will have to deal with the repairs, and that’s a benefit to both you and the buyer. They’ll be able to do the repairs cheaper and on their own schedule, and you’ll have cash-in-hand quickly.

Avoiding Real Estate Fees

When you sell a house for cash in Jacksonville, you are going to be able to avoid all the fees related to dealing with a real estate company, agents, and lawyers. The average non-negotiated commission for a Real Estate agent in Florida is 6%, although, for multi-million-dollar properties, you may be able to negotiate that as low as 4%. This commission is split between the buying and selling agents, and it is paid for by you, the seller; but when you sell for cash, you don’t have to pay a commission.

Protect Yourself – Selling to Businesses or Individuals

You may be selling your property to an individual, or you may be selling to a business when you sell a house for cash in Jacksonville. Businesses that buy houses for cash are investors in property, and since they specialize in buying houses for cash, they will likely be the fastest option for trying to sell your house for cash. Whether you decide to sell to an individual or a business, always be sure to protect yourself by getting a proof of funds from the buyer before agreeing to any offer.


As with everything dealing with money, when you sell a house for cash in Jacksonville, even when you want to sell fast, it’s always a safe bet to do some research. Search online or go through internet forums to find articles by other people who have sold their house for cash; get the whole picture before you jump in to selling your house for cash.