Are you hoping to sell your house for a quick, cash transaction but are worried that outdated decor might make it difficult? You’re in luck! Not only do we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville for cash, but we also have advice on how to get the transaction going. Here are our best tips.

Identify its “flipping” potential

Selling a less-than-beautiful house for cash might not be quite as difficult as you think. It all comes down to the kind of potential a home has to be “flipped” or updated and refurbished to bring it up to a like-new condition. If the foundation and basic structure are in good condition and the layout is workable, it’s okay if the home is otherwise a little on the ugly side. Things like old flooring, a cramped kitchen, or bad wallpaper are minor issues that we remedy all the time when we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville.

Sell an Ugly House

Know the difference between surface renovations and deep repairs

When beginning the selling process, make sure you know all the details about the home’s condition, so you can be honest and transparent with the buyer, which will ultimately speed up the process. When we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville, we appreciate knowing upfront if the home’s issues are just on the surface, or if serious structural repairs are needed. Waiting until inspection to learn that information will only slow down the process and lead to frustration on both sides.

Consider the cash you’re saving

When you sell a home for cash in its current condition, you may not get quite the same price for it as you would if you gave a it a bit of a face lift, staged it, and sold it through a real estate agent. However, it’s important to take into account the amount of cash you’re saving by selling your house for cash. By not paying realtor fees and other related expenses, and by not being obligated to spruce up the place to make it more appealing to buyers, you will be saving thousands of dollars! If you add it all up, the selling price should equal roughly what the house would have sold for on the traditional market, minus all of the associated costs. When we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville, though we always factor the condition of the home into our offer, we always offer a fair price that you can feel good about.

Sell it to us!

The best way to sell an ugly house for cash? Sell it to us! We buy ugly houses in Jacksonville, and we aren’t too picky about what they look like. We see the potential in every home—even the ugly ones—and we have a keen understanding of what we need to do to bring out the best in each house so that we can turn it into the perfect home for the next family who lives there.

Are you ready to sell your house for cash, even though it’s not in perfect condition? Get in touch with us today and we’ll assess it to see if we can make you an offer. Don’t worry about what it looks like—we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville. It’s what we do and we’re proud of it.