When it’s time to sell your home, for whatever reason, the last thing that’s needed is hassles. Selling a home—on your own or with an agent— can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging, especially if it’s your first time.

Whether it’s a home for sale by owner in Jacksonville, many hopeful home sellers forget about the costs associated with selling a house. The total cost can and do add up to much more than the 5-6% in agent commissions most people expect to pay. Closing costs, repairs, and other concessions to the buyer—-the costs of selling can be more than 10% of the sale price.

The costs don’t include concessions may demand during the haggling/negotiation phase, like doing repairs noted by a home inspector. Listing a house for sale with an agent or privately requires many changes, fixes and upgrades to most houses. It’s a hassle—and an expense. From sprucing-up the exterior of the house to swapping out light and re-painting can and does get pricey.

Whether it’s a listing or a private, home for sale by owner in Jacksonville, it feels like an invasion of privacy. Selling a home can be time-consuming and emotionally challenging. It often feels like an invasion of privacy, with strangers shuffling through the house, opening closets and cabinets and poking around. Curious visitors and browsers look around and too often criticize the home that has probably become more, much more, than just four walls and a roof.

When it’s finally over, statistics and real estate trends show that, with a few exceptions and despite buzz about ‘hot markets,’ the final offer will likely be less money than the owner thought the house was worth.

There’s no doubt about it. With little or no experience, the home for sale by owner in Jacksonville can be a complicated, emotional and stressful deal. Also, when it comes to home for sale by owner in Jacksonville, it’s easy for private home sellers to make plenty of mistakes.

There’s a popular and reliable way to avoid the frustrating aggravation. Getting the highest possible price for the home for sale by owner in Jacksonville, within a reasonable time frame and maintaining sanity: reputably selling the house for cash!