For many people selling their home, a long selling period simply isn’t an option. Whether it’s needing to sell to purchase another property or simply not wanting to pay for two mortgages at once, there are plenty of reasons to sell fast. If you want to sell a home quickly, then here are a few tips to help you move it quickly. If you want to sell it very quickly, we’ll also offer information on how cash for houses in Jacksonville can get you a great offer within 24 hours.

Tip #1: Get rid of the clutter

People want to envision themselves living in a home. They don’t want to think about the people who have already lived there. One of the best things you can do to sell a home fast is to clean it, declutter it and depersonalize it. That means replacing old furniture with neutral staging furniture, swapping sentimental family photos with trinkets and wall art and getting rid of anything that makes a space feel cramped.

Tip #2: Boost that curb appeal

Did you know that painting your front door has one of the highest “cost to selling price” impacts of anything you can do? This is because first impressions matter. For homes, that’s called “curb appeal.” Other curb appeal projects include:

• Pruning overgrown bushes

• Mowing the lawn

• Straightening uneven paths

Tip #3: Price to sell

Are you looking to sell fast? Then make that price competitive. Look at the prices of similar homes in the area and go under. This will attract buyers. Sometimes, this could even trigger a bidding war, which could drive your house price up. Likely, it will get someone looking for a deal and may mean they’ll go easy on conditions because of the price.

Figuring out the sweet spot of “low price and still a deal” takes a lot of research and some expertise. Many people who price a home to sell will do so with a real estate agent, who can also list the house on the MLS to get more people interested. This process can often drag out the actual selling, however, and might not move the house for a great price. Real estate agents are also paid by commission, so they’re incentivized to sell a house for a higher price, even if it takes longer.

The easier way of doing this may be going through a firm that pays cash for houses in Jacksonville. Read the next section to find out why.

The fast and easy alternative: cash for houses in Jacksonville

Does this all sound like a lot of work for not much benefit? Would you rather simply get a cash offer for your property within 24 hours and move on to your next opportunity? If you want a fair and fast offer in cash for your property, then contact us here at Pay Cash 4 Houses. We offer cash for houses in Jacksonville and the surrounding area for people who want to sell their properties without all the work.

Here’s how it works: you contact us, and within 24 hours, we come back with a cash offer. From there, you can accept and get the money quickly. Of all the options for selling a home, cash for houses in Jacksonville is the best, so contact us today to learn more.